We appreciate your interest in FCA and hope the Academy can benefit your family. Since every question cannot be anticipated and covered in this website, please feel free to contact our office for further information.

Facilities at Family Christian Academy are second to none among Christian schools.
Our spacious, modern facilities including classrooms and equipment, are valued at
over $9 million.
A full-size gymnasium, weight room, dressing and shower facilties, and modern Baseball field aid our coaches as they develop well rounded physical education and competetive sports programs, which include volleyball, softball, baseball and track. We also have plans are in place to build a new football field.

Libraries provide students and teachers the quiet atmosphere to find materials, equipment, and books to aid them in their studies.

FCA science labs provide students and teachers with equipment and materials to validate in the laboratory what is being learned in the classroom.

The computer is a vital part of instruction at FCA and our Apple Computer Lab provides computer literacy, computer science, and word processing, emphasized from K-5 through Grade 12.

The overall objective of Family Christian Academy is to motivate and equip your child to live a Christian life in a non-Christian world.

Our primary objective is the spiritual maturity of our students through a knowledge of God's Word, trust in His guidance, infilling of His Spirit, and submission to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

The home, church, and school all should work harmoniously toward the same goal: a young person who leaves the school as a mature, biblically-founded Christian, academically to excel in continued education, a chosen profession, or ministry.

For learning to be effective, it must take place within an orderly, disciplined atmosphere... and atmosphere where teacher, fellow students, and facilities are respected. FCA is developing such an atmosphere - not regimented, but firm and tempered with love.

In a truly Christian school the principles of God's Word permeate every are of school life. FCA offers a quality education resulting from (1) a biblically integrated curriculum, (2) Christian instructors concerned for young people, and (3) low teacher student ratio.

The focal point of FCA's instructional emphasis is the teacher. Each faculty member is fully qualified to teach in his subject area.

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