Our classrooms are designed to be places that invite children to learn and challenge them to achieve higher goals. Carpeted floors, bountiful lighting and age-appropriate desks are provided in each classroom. Bulletin boards and walls display both Christian-centered themes and academic material that stimulate discovery and growth. All classrooms come equipped with whiteboads and projection screens. In addition to portable computer projectors, we recently installed SMART boards in eight classrooms to bring the total to ten SMARTboards altogether. A wireless network extends throughout the whole school, thereby allowing the teacher to integrate computer software into each student's learning experience.


Along with a chemistry lab, we also have two computer labs. The computer lab in the elementary school has 20 desktop computers running the Windows operating system. The computer lab in the high school has recently been renovated and contains 25 Apple iMac computers running the Mac OS X operating system. In addition to using these labs to teach students keyboarding and office automation skills, these labs give the instructor the resources to use Web-based learning and computer-aided insruction tools.

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