August 1-5
August 4
August 8

September 2
September 5

October 7
October 10

November 4
November 21-25
November 24-25
November 28

December 14-16
December 16
December 19-30
December 23-26

January 2
January 3
January 16
January 27

February 27-28

March 3
March 4
March 28

April 1
April 7
April 10-14
April 14
April 17
April 24-28

May 1-5
May 3
May 5
May 8-12
May 9
May 11
May 12
May 18-19
May 19
May 24-26
May 26
Teacher In-Service – 9:00am
ORIENTATION/Grades K4-12/FCA Auditorium – 7:00pm

Progress Reports
Labor Day Holiday/FCA and Preschool closed

End of the First Quarter
Columbus Day Holiday/FCA Closed

Progress Reports
Thanksgiving Holidays/FCA Closed
Thanksgiving Holidays/Preschool Closed
Classes Resume

Mid-Term Exams/Grades 6-12/Noon Dismissal K-12
End of First Semester
Christmas Holidays/FCA closed
Christmas Holidays/Preschool Closed

New Year’s Day Holiday/Preschool Closed
Classes Resume/First Day of Spring Semester
Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday/FCA Closed
Progress Reports

Mid-Winter break/ FCA Closed

End of the Third Quarter
Louisiana District Literary Rally
Spring Concert

Louisiana State Rally
Progress Reports
Easter Holiday/FCA closed
Good Friday/FCA Preschool closed
Classes Resume
Spring Testing

Teacher Appreciation Week
Senior Chapel
Senior Last 9 weeks Grades
Senior Exams
Sports Awards Banquet
2017 Kindergarten Graduation-Class of 2029
Senior Last Day of School/Final Grades
Bible Exams/Grades 6-11
FCA High School Graduation
Middle/High Final Exams/Noon Dismissal K4 – 11th Grade
Last Day of school/End of Second Semester

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