Family Christian Academy offers multiple courses for Dual Enrollment (DE) Credit. Dual Enrollment allows a student the opportunity to take a course in a high school classroom setting and receive college credit as well as traditional high school credit. In DE courses, students are taught by a FCA faculty member who has undergone extensive training at Louisiana State University and earned certification to facilitate dual enrollment courses.

The experience of taking a DE course prepares a student better for the rigor of college study than a traditional high school course. Dual Enrollment courses expose students to more challenging material as well as the pace of college courses and the college lecture style. These courses still offer the safety net of small class sizes and easily-accessed one-on-one help. LSU has tracked the grade point averages of students who participate in high school dual enrollment into their freshman and sophomore years of college. These studies have shown that students who participate in dual enrollment classes during their high school years greatly outperform those who choose not to take advantage of dual enrollment opportunities.

Students can graduate Family Christian Academy with up to 11 hours of mathematics credit at LSU, which can be transferred to many other institutions. This credit can be earned in College Algebra (Math 1021), College Trigonometry (Math 1022), and/or Calculus I (Math 1550). College Algebra and College Trigonometry are offered as a part of high school “Advanced Math,” and completion of these courses for DE credit places most students who wish to pursue a non-STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) field in a position where they have completed all of their necessary college-level math credits; while, completion of calculus affords students who enter into a STEM discipline a highly competitive college resume.

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